Sunday, February 24, 2008


Sappy was the camp director in 1969. That was the year she tried to rehabilitate the mildly bad girls of Neppies by telling us late-night stories of how we should be going on hayrides in Montana and quit trying to make herbal tea in our tents by boiling the water in our tin GS cups with a candle (fire hazard you know). She thought New York girl scouts lacked gumption. She gave up on us but we reclaimed our Juliette Lowe history just in time to practice our lashing skills—I think we lashed anything that moved—and put on a Winnie the Pooh skit for Sleepy Hollow.
Splint, you were the Ass’t Waterfront director then, you let me keep my buddy tag as a souvenir at the end of camp.

Patti McManamy


  1. Sappy wasn't the director that year..Her name was Ronnie Gelston. It was her first and probably only year as director there. Her Ass't was named Edie Gorman

  2. I'm proud to say that I was one of the bad girls of Neppies in 1969 and had a blast.
    Our best counselor was Patti Giffin and she made our July fun but didn't have any say in our prospects.
    Our group got separated in August and I got put in Trails End.
    Brenda was the head counselor in Neppies and a nightmare who was supposed to become a nun.
    All in all, I loved every minute and came back to Quid till '72 when I too became a counselor.