Monday, April 13, 2009

Rose Remembers

I saw the songs blogspot, and the girl scout alumni web site. 

I did see my picture, middle of lower row of "canoeing on the Susquehana" in Ellen Muth and Elyse Springer's photo. Ellen is correct, though: I know I never made the cut for the Delaware trip, but instead went twice to Candlewood Lake in CT. In that photo, the beauty on lower right is Kathy Barbatsuly, who was in my girl scout troop. I lost track of her many years ago, unfortunately. 

I know I shared a tent my last year (1965, Neppies) with Doggie and Patty McBride; I didn't write names on photos and unfortunately don't remember any others. My photos are few, small, and fuzzy. 

Thanks for tracking me down!

Rose Weitz

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  1. Hi Rose,

    I think that you might have been one of my tentmates in Neppies in '65 as well. I know that both Doggie and Patty McBride were in my tent.

    Pam Crabtree