Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boni's Memories

Love your blog. Here are some memories for you. The pictures of Pudgy (Neppies mascot) and Joey are from '64. Pudgy went canoeing regularly and always jumped into my canoe when she was ready to throw up. She earned her beginning swimmer card also.
Our girls planned an overnight at a nearby Girl Scout camp and they forgot to pack eating utensils and were forced to eat with what was available, hence the eggbeater.
The birch bark place card had a rosette of pine cones, but they didn't survive. I don't know who painted the lake, but it's really neat. What I liked best about singing at Quid was when a bunch of counselors would circle through camp serenading the girls at bedtime. We only sang the really pretty ones. Boni

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  1. I remember that camping trip, we canoed over to Camp Laughing Water. I think I broke the paddle to my canoe thru the first tunnel. What a klutz. We had the best time. The unit leaders were very patient with us.
    Some of what I remember about camp is, eating peanutbutter and jelly when you didn't like the meal served. We always had that on the table. I never ate that until camp. I was very hungry there. Also in Trails End , we had our own troop house and made onion sandwiches by slicing onions and buttering bread , then cooking it on the fire..Imagine the smell from us later.The splash parties and "cleaning" the dining hall whenit was our turn. If we were lucky , we got to have a splash party there too. Instead of the La. When I wasa PotGirl, we had to make sandwiches for everyone in camp.Ever try to make 300 sandwiches at once..It was fun and a learning experience. Just a little of what I can recall for now. Quidnunc forever.