Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wendy's Recollections

...quite a few of the people mentioned in the blog I do remember. I remember being very upset the first time Pam went to camp and I was too young to go – I think I drove my mother nuts the whole time see was gone. I think I was 7 my first summer and having an older sister in camp was a definite asset. My time at Quid included Sleepy Hollow, HAW, Sky Blue, Cricket Hill, Gypsy Skies & Caravan. The summer of ’71 I followed my sister’s footsteps and was the Dining Hall Supervisor – I remember I tore the ligaments in my foot that summer, and lived on Hershey Bars and apples (seeing how the food was made definitely wasn’t very appetizing.) The summer of ’72 I worked on the waterfront.

I remember hiking through the deserted boys camp and the counselors telling us scary stories. I wonder what kind of stories were told to campers in later years that hiked through Quidnunc. Did you hear of “Irving the Pervert?” I think he appeared the last year I was a camper in Caravan.

Some of my other memories were the canoe regattas and trying to beat Camp Mahetu, hiking to the Red Apple Rest, and backpacking parts of the Appalachian Trail, canoe trips, sneaking into DD at night, the final banquets, campfires – s'mores and singing, lots & lots of singing . One summer there was a big storm predicted and we all got our bedrolls or sleeping bags and crammed into the Troop House. I remember that someone talking in their sleep was quite a source of amusement. There were always tears at the end of the summer. I was supposed to work at either Brady or Kaufmann ( can’t remember which) the summer after Quidnunc closed but I just couldn’t do it – it would have never been the same.

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