Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

2009 Summer Plans

Hi Girls,

Hope all of you had a great summer and are well rested. We have big plans for the coming year. A few of us have come up with some ideas and thoughts of a way to get Quidnunc back into a working camp. It may take a while but we think it is well worth it. We would like to see it used as as alumni camp for all Girl Scouts. There isn't a camp anywhere in the GSUSA organization, specifically meant for that purpose. So, in order to get things rolling,we need to organize an alumni group and make our presence known. With that in mind, we thought it would be great to have an alumni week end at a GS camp or at Baker Camp this coming summer. It will be set up just like summer camp with a full program, arts and crafts , hiking, nature tours etc ..you get the idea...We also want to do a service project for Camp Addison Boyce and maybe Quidnunc. I have been in contact with GSCGNY and the Heart of the Hudson councils about this. They are fully behind us and will help as they can.. The Heart of the Hudson council already has a wonderful alumni group called the Green Hats.. who do similar things.. Now with all this said, I need to know who would be interested in this and would be able to make it.. The date is July 17th..2009 at Baker camp. Please let me know what you think and if you would be interested in this association.. I think it is important for girls to learn the things we did at camp and to show them what they can achieve...Look at us!!
This is open to any former girls scout whether they were staff members (remember you were all registered GS when you worked at camp) or campers.. all ages. This is a start towards getting our old camp back...I know ...big maybe..but you have to start somewhere.. We would also like to do this as an annual event, with many different ideas to come..Gilda..your name was mentioned specifically for waterfront duty..Let's get this going and show GSUSA and GSCGNY what it means to be a former Quidnuncer..!!!! Cindy PS Full program, fun and new people..Price is $65.00 each per person per day. Lunch will be $10.00 each.. Be apart of history, Girl Scout history that is, lol... More info later..any questions welcomed ...any help more than welcomed.. New tee shirts and ties..arts and crafts.etc...Hope to hear from everyone soon..