Sunday, December 28, 2008

Memories from Marjorie and Marianne

Camp Quidnunc in 1942!
by Marjorie Stamler Snyder

I'll always remember the 4 weeks that I spent at Camp Quidnunc in 1942. The campfires, the tents late at night (watching the mice run along the posts), the campfires, the sound of rain on the tent, also the open air dining room, are all treasured memories. One of the counselors played the recorder, and it inspired me to learn to play the instrument. It was probably the best summer of my life, and I'm nearly 78 years old.

Quidnunc- A big part of my life
by Gilda Kormes Zucker -Splint
I haven't finished reading all of the messages but I have been overcome with so many emotions. I began at Quid in Hundred Acre Woods in 1958 and was in just about every unit as a camper, program aid or counselor. My last year 1970, I was asst. Waterfront Dir. My memory for names is not as good as all of yours seem to be but when the names are mentioned I can place myself back at camp with many of those people. Unfortunately, a flood in my basement wiped out a lot of memorabilia but it is all still in my heart. I am still in touch with several Quid alumni , some of whom have posted on this site. Thanks for stirring up the memories. I still have my song books with all of our favorites and used many of them in my classroom throughout my career.

Quidnunc - A big part of my life
by Marianne Skeeter Bradford
You may not remember me (Splint) but I remember you. You were my counselor in Trails End in 1968 and it is because of talking with you that I decided to work as a counselor at camp. I was still a camper in 1969 in Caravan but then I was a kitchen Aide in 1970 and a unit Counselor in 1971. While you were on waterfront you helped teach me Senior Life Saving. I have since been a lifelong Girl scout and have been a resident camp staf for nearly 30 years. I am tall and had long brown hair. My e -mail address is Marianne. B