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When young, camp was the best time
of my childhood. Even if there is no one out there from my time, it does bring back so many good memories. Knowing that talking about camp they know what I am talking about and I know what they are talking about. I remember the smell of honeysuckle on the way down to the lake. Do you remember that? (My troop # was 4- 708. 4 is Queens. Mine was in St. Albans. Our co-leaderwas Mrs Romano. I always went to camp the last two weeks in Aug.)
Judy Caputo

I don't remember the honeysuckle, but the smell of pines and woods always makes me homesick for camp. My troop was from Staten Island, # mom was the leader for years. I usually went to camp in July, but once I went in Aug.
Cindy Cleveland

Our troops were 4-750 and 4-40 in Queens. They were based in the Community Methodist Church in Jackson Heights. My mom was one of the leaders of 4-40 for several years. We moved out of Queens late in 1965, but that was about when Quidnunc was opened up to folks from outside the city.
Pam Crabtree

I came from a troop in the Bronx and went to Quid for the month of Aug every year as a camper. I agree that reading everyone's memories has brought me great joy. Camp was such a big part of my life. Remember the crab apples on the way to the waterfront?
Gilda "Splint"

I don't remember the crab apple tree..? Where was it? I remember having to take those darn salt tablets before a hike, esp. if it was real hot that day. YUCK..Even trying to swallow them with the delicious cold water from the pump, it was hard. I think I faked it most of the time. I remember all the canoe trips from lake to lake. I never got to go on the long distance trips, I wasn't there at the time or didn't qualify. But the last day of the session, we would take the canoes out on the lake and swamp them. That was great fun. We didn't get in trouble and went home the next day. The unit leaders were not too happy with us because they told us not to do it. But back then, we thought we were invincible. That was our one big defiant act all summer...Sitting on the stern, paddling over to the boys camp, and half way back , then oops....Who taught the Junior Lifesaving in 65? Well, I wasn't very good and when she tested me I didn't want to dive down in the mucky bottom of the lake,...sooo..I waited for her to come up and then used the hair pull rescue on her, needless to say I failed.Who ever it was could sink like a rock!

Ok, how about a gross memory?? Do you remember the first day or two we had to go to the infirmary to have the nurse check for head lice and spread your toes for athletes foot? All of us lined up on the porch, spreading our toes one at a time and then someone else picking thru our hair. Guess it wasn't fun for them either.
Cindy Cleveland

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Staff Pictures: 1964, 65, 66 from Boni

Name those Counselors! Click on the picture to enlarge. Then send me an e-mail with the names! 1964
Bottom row L-R: Char, ?, ?, ?, Beaver, Mary Martin, ?, ?, ? ,Ruth (Took Ellie's place that year),?, Judy Globinger (Glob), me (Linda,Mouse), Sue Frish,???
Middle row: ?, Sukie, Dee, ?, Ram (Cathy Ramirez), Max (Maxine Klein, twin), K.B., ? Dusty, ?, ?, Peri, Boni, ?, ?, ?, ?, "Danish girl", ?, ?, ?
Top row: ?, Moe (Maureen McConnell), Ruth Klein (twin), Mary Lynch (office manager),?, ?, Ruth Henderson (Sunny), Kathy (ass't. office manager),?, ?, ?, Gus (Nancy Augustus), Grace Aldag, Lena Neilson, Ellen Muth, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Bottom L-R: Maureen (accountant?) Max, ?, Char, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ass't. Director
(Maureen's sister and good friend of Ellie's), Ellie, ?, Grace Aldag, Peri, Judi Jankovitz(from MN), ?, Jan, Sue Frish, Me (Linda, Mouse)
Middle: Charlie (handyman), Flip, ?, ?, Lynne Jeffries,?, ?, K.B., Buzzer,?, ?, Bonnie
Sukie, Cathy Ramirez (Ram), Lena Neilson (Sweden), ?, ?, ?, Don,?, ?, ?, ?, Kathy, Ruth, Boni
Top: ?, Wink, Brownie (nurse), Swede,
Mary Lynch, Moe, ? , Ellen Muth,?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Bottom L-R: ?, Mary Lynch, Maureen, ?, ?, Don,?, ?, Ellie, ?, Cathy Loudis, Faye Hildenbrand, Linda Hecht (Mouse), Gilda (Splint), ?,Mary Muth, Boni, Char, ?
Middle: ?, Pam Burke, ?, ?, ?, Judy (Glob), ?, ?, KB, Brownie, ?, Cook, ?, Faye Muth, Jan,?, ?, Kathy,????
Top: ?, Swede, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Office Aide, ?, ?, Ruth Klein, ?, ?, ?

Name those Staff Members!

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Pictures from Boni

Joey eating spaghetti with an eggbeater

Boni's birchbark place card

Waterfront 1967

Pudgy in Boni's ditty bag

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Boni's Memories

Love your blog. Here are some memories for you. The pictures of Pudgy (Neppies mascot) and Joey are from '64. Pudgy went canoeing regularly and always jumped into my canoe when she was ready to throw up. She earned her beginning swimmer card also.
Our girls planned an overnight at a nearby Girl Scout camp and they forgot to pack eating utensils and were forced to eat with what was available, hence the eggbeater.
The birch bark place card had a rosette of pine cones, but they didn't survive. I don't know who painted the lake, but it's really neat. What I liked best about singing at Quid was when a bunch of counselors would circle through camp serenading the girls at bedtime. We only sang the really pretty ones. Boni

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Painting of Kanawaukee 1, Eva Wittlinger, 1994

Kanawaukee 1

Words to Songs

It was suggested in an earlier comment that we make available words to some of the songs we learned at camp.

I have been making clickable links to many of the songs that I had listed on an earlier blog posting (February 07)

On some of the songs, you can click on a player and hear the song.

Now, if you click on the name of the song, the words come up.
I have also found some good websites to look up Camp Songs on.

This site below is very comprehensive and the link relates to Girl Scout songs.

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Camp Quidnunc 1963 and 64
by Ellen Forman Muraskin (borrowed from the Camp Reunion Website)

I went to and absolutely adored Camp Quidnunc when I was 10 and 11, in the summers of 1964 and 65. I stayed in Sky Blue the first year and Sherwood Forest the next.

I had a counselor from Texas named Char.

I hiked to Bald Rock. I slept outside in a bedroll one night.

I washed my hair in the lake with Prell. Fish bit me. Spiders bit me. Mosquitoes covered my arms and legs with bites. If I hadn't looked so happy when I met my mother after two weeks, she probably would have been alarmed at all those bites.

I made a friend (Audrey Seidman) that I have to this day. The day we met, she dropped her footlocker on my foot.

I wrote poems and burnished copper and learned to make campfires and washed dishes in buckets that were brought to every table in the dining room. We sang

"Mandy was a little Bahama Girl..." and "I Won't Grow Up" while we washed dishes.
I peed in the "la" which did not flush. The faucets were rabbit-ear devices you had to squeeze together. They only ran cold water. I washed my clothes with a washboard.

I had a black tent mate named Gwynn, who was a good friend. I noted this in a letter home, describing her as "Negro."

I wrote letters home to my bathroom. Also my family. My mother has kept them; they are so excited and enthusiastic. I still have the Q spiderweb pin and the little charm bracelet with the fir tree.

And you?

Ellen Forman Muraskin, from Troop 612 (I think) in Middle Village, Queens, circa 1963-64

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wendy's Recollections

...quite a few of the people mentioned in the blog I do remember. I remember being very upset the first time Pam went to camp and I was too young to go – I think I drove my mother nuts the whole time see was gone. I think I was 7 my first summer and having an older sister in camp was a definite asset. My time at Quid included Sleepy Hollow, HAW, Sky Blue, Cricket Hill, Gypsy Skies & Caravan. The summer of ’71 I followed my sister’s footsteps and was the Dining Hall Supervisor – I remember I tore the ligaments in my foot that summer, and lived on Hershey Bars and apples (seeing how the food was made definitely wasn’t very appetizing.) The summer of ’72 I worked on the waterfront.

I remember hiking through the deserted boys camp and the counselors telling us scary stories. I wonder what kind of stories were told to campers in later years that hiked through Quidnunc. Did you hear of “Irving the Pervert?” I think he appeared the last year I was a camper in Caravan.

Some of my other memories were the canoe regattas and trying to beat Camp Mahetu, hiking to the Red Apple Rest, and backpacking parts of the Appalachian Trail, canoe trips, sneaking into DD at night, the final banquets, campfires – s'mores and singing, lots & lots of singing . One summer there was a big storm predicted and we all got our bedrolls or sleeping bags and crammed into the Troop House. I remember that someone talking in their sleep was quite a source of amusement. There were always tears at the end of the summer. I was supposed to work at either Brady or Kaufmann ( can’t remember which) the summer after Quidnunc closed but I just couldn’t do it – it would have never been the same.

Flag Ceremony and Postcard

Old Postcard purchased on Ebay by Cindy Cleveland

1953 Flag Ceremony
Ellie Alf, in red shirt and red hair

Friday, October 12, 2007

Memories by Lisa

Camplife was difficult for me because I was sent so young (6 years old) and had trouble adjusting. Like everyone, I've got lots of memories but what really stands out is what I learned.

I learned how to make smores, how to collect kindling and build a campfire, how to make a bedroll, how to pack a duffle bag, how to make "hospital corners", how to roll up tent flaps, how to fold a flag, how to swim, how to paddle a canoe (bow and stern), how to tip a canoe, get back in it, bail it out (with our bathing caps) and continue home.

I vividly recall going on a ridiculously long hike and sleep over where I stepped in a next of yellow jackets and had to spend the night in the woods, feeling just horrible. Last summer when my daughter stepped in a nest of caught 16 stings, I was truly able to sympathize!

My favorite part of camp were those nights when we would have a sing. We would form a giant circle. I always wondered where these songs came from and how everyone knew all the words. It was very comforting to me to hear the music and harmony. I learned how to sing in a round. Today I am a musician and I teach music to pre-schoolers in Manhattan.

I attended Quidnunc until 8th grade when I decided to hang out with my friends in New York but what I learned at Quidnunc has truly endured.

Lisa Ellex

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Deni Speaks

Lynn Jeffries, HAW 1965
(Thanks to Denise Maynard)
More new pictures in Quidnunc #2 file
Thanks for putting together the Quidnunc page with photos.
I really got teary eyed when I saw the Double Decker, Waterfront, the camp bridge and Neppies Nook. I remember some of the girls in the photos such as Belle and Saadia; they were with me in Neppies.
In the photo of 2 counselors tying a canoe to the camp truck, the gal in the plaid shirt was my swimming instructor "Flip" in '65.
In the photo of the 4 counselors in their "greenies" the short blonde
is Donna Jeffries as her sister Lynn was one of my previous counselors.

I attended Quidnunc as follows:

1965, Hundred Acre Wood: counselors were Pokey, Kathy, Lynn and someone else
1966: Gypsy Skies, counselors were Kathy, Skipper and Lee
1967: Trails End: counselor were Davey and ???
1968: Neppies Nook: Brenda, ME (Mary Ellen) and Kathy Giffin
1969-70: Caravan: Splint, Inga and "Mouse"
1971: Kitchen Aide living in Hilltop
1972: Counselor in Sleepy Hollow

Ellie was our director for my 1st 2 years, then Smitty and later some other women took over.

Some of my camper friends were: Wendy Crabtree, Robin Fields, Gayle Goldfarb, Lorraine Collazzo, Jody Krissiloff, a girl called "Rex", a girl called "Irving"(Marie Kallmeyer) who packed a trunk of mixed drinks in baby food jars, a girl called "Mushy" and a host of other girls who's faces I can just remember but not their names.

I will try and dig out some photographs over the summer. Please keep me on your mailing list and blog.

If there is a reunion or a pilgrimage to the Quidnunc site, I would definitely be interested. I still reside in the NY metro area.
Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories.

Best regards,
Denise (Deni)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Quidnunc Song

(Tune: Drifting and Dreaming"
from Staff handbook, 1951

Thread after thread, the spider weaves...
It weaves a friendship that never leaves.
With spirits ever high, we'll always be
Faithful and loyal,
Quidnunc to thee.

Happiness reflected in silken thread
High ideals woven into each web
All other camps, you may all try-
But, at Camp Quidnunc, true standards lie.

Thanks to Lanie Hildenbrand Sussman for reminding us!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Alumni contact Information

Anyone who wants to be in touch with other alumni, please email me and I will start a contact list.

Camp Songs at Quidnunc

White Wings
Little Drop of Dew
Roundup Round
Scarlet Ribbons
Border Trail
I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table
Dem Bones
No Man is an Island
Say When
Happy Wanderer
Up in the Air Junior Birdsmen
The Owlet
Spider's Web
Blue Walkin'
Magic Melody
I'm a Little Hunk of Tin
Lonesome Valley
The Donut Song
Mandy (was a little Bahama Girl)
The Silver Moon is Shining
The Border Trail
Dickey Bird
High Silk Hat
Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Let there Be Peace on Earth
Green Trees
Campfire's Burning
Baby Duck
Tell Me Why
Once an Austrian Went Yodeling
Grey Squirrel
Lion Hunt
Each Campfire Lights Aneww
Green Grow the Rushes O
Music Alone Shall Live
The Ash Grove
Donkey Riding
Canoe Song (My Paddle's Keen and Bright)
Peace of the River
Our Chalet Song
Rise Up O Flame
Make New Friends
Rise and Shine
Walk Shepherdess Walk
Bed is too Small
Little Rabbit Foo Foo
Have Fun
All Night, All Day
Circle Game
I Love the Mountains
Land of the Silver Birch
Swinging Along
Buddies and Pals
Animal Fair
On My Honor
The Other Day I Met a Bear
Land of the Silver Birch
White Coral Bells

A Boy and a Girl in a Little Canoe
Ally Ally Oxen Free
Say When
Fried Ham

Johnny Appleseed
Back of the Bread
'Neath These Tall Green Trees
Wayfarer's Grace
Blue Grace
Hark to the Chimes

Any other suggestions?

Old Friends at Neppies Nook

Ellie Alf and Catherine Lennon's friendship began at Camp Quidnunc. In this picture they are both wearing staff ties, and Cathy has an apron with the words "Neppies" on it and a picture of a campfire. The second picture is taken at the same spot, my dad, sister and brother and me slightly blurry, but no doubt about the location.

Quidnunc Bridge

Old Patch and Postcard of swimming rock, Camp Quidnunc

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QUIDNUNC Definition

Quidnunc \KWID-nuhngk\, noun: One who is curious to know everything that passes; one who knows or pretends to know all that is going on; a gossip; a busybody.