Friday, April 17, 2009

Dianne Kesner Baldwin


I am one of the Kesner girls, Dianne. I was at Quid in the early 1960s before the new Dining Hall was built and then afterwards. I was in Hundred Acre Wood and Pioneers for 4 weeks. I was also in Sports and Games. I don't remember that much but I do remember Peri and KB. I still remember the songs we sang and sing them on long car trips out loud to my 2 dogs. I also spent time at Merrywood GSC, later Henry Kaufman GSC, due to generous donations from the Kaufman Foundation.  I recently met a GS leader who is a Hospice CNA at the Nursing home where I work who goes to Kaufman even now with her troop.

How do I join the Blogging?

Dianne Kesner Baldwin

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Willie" Franco looks for Quid friends 1939-1946

“Willie” Franco, now Wilma Franco White wrote the following to me about her years at Quidnunc.

Did you know that Quid was the GS Camp for the girls in QueensNY?  
I guess they opened it up to others at some point in time.   

Here are some of the girls I went to camp with:  

Nancy B Dunham, Doris Ann Heinze (Terry), Jean Patmore, and Anne Dickie all from QueensNY

Another friend that I was a counselor with was Ethel Axelson.

I went to camp from 1939 to 1946.  I was in Sky Blue the first two years.

After that I think it was Caravan. The next year I was in the Apprentice training and then a Counselor.  

Does anyone remember Gay Ford?  She was the director in 1939 and 1940

I also remember Margaret V. Lynch ("Bridgie") and Annie Sue Waldrop. Does anyone remember her nickname?  They were the Co-Directors in 1941. 

I have lots of pictures to go through as I just found my scrapbook from Camp.  My daughter, (Carol “Daisy” White) will post them when she comes to visit.

Wilma Franco White (“Willie”)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Linda Nahum

I went to Quidnunc and Laughing Water. I was a Pot GIrl, Requisition CLerk, and Business Office Assistant. My sister Elizabeth (Beth) Nahum also was a camper at Quidnunc and Laughing Water.  I went in the 1960s I think the last year was 69.
I remember Splint, Cass, Beth Cruse (I think we bunked together and worked in Business Office) also Elyse Springer, Carol (Daisy) White - we were in the same troop and school, 

Hope all is well with you - I am sorry I missed the reunion. Hope to make the next one.
Take care and keep in touch - Linda
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Suite 8R
Woodside, NY 11377
718 /606-9918  
Cell: 917/599-6899  Email:  

Rose Remembers

I saw the songs blogspot, and the girl scout alumni web site. 

I did see my picture, middle of lower row of "canoeing on the Susquehana" in Ellen Muth and Elyse Springer's photo. Ellen is correct, though: I know I never made the cut for the Delaware trip, but instead went twice to Candlewood Lake in CT. In that photo, the beauty on lower right is Kathy Barbatsuly, who was in my girl scout troop. I lost track of her many years ago, unfortunately. 

I know I shared a tent my last year (1965, Neppies) with Doggie and Patty McBride; I didn't write names on photos and unfortunately don't remember any others. My photos are few, small, and fuzzy. 

Thanks for tracking me down!

Rose Weitz