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Pictures From Patti McManamy's Archives

Ellie, Cathy Lennon, and ?

Ellie, Cathy Lennon, and ?


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Sunday, November 01, 2009

1951 Staff Manual

Glo Arrigo sent me the 1951 Handbook. I have scanned about 20 pages, including many songsheets. Enjoy!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Judy Ecuyer Rhodes: 1949 and 1959

Judy Ecuyer Rhoades loaned me her pictures from Sherwood Forest... some are identified, but others remain nameless. Hope you will look and let me know if you know anyone. Thanks, Judy!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carol Jo's Memories

You're asking a lot from a long time ago. Names of counselors? All I remember was they all seemed to hail from Michigan State U and were athletic. The other side of my memory brings up the songs we learned while sitting on the big rocks across from the dining hall 3 times a day: Baby Owlet. Ashgrove, 500 miles, Donkey Riding, Titanic, Blue, etc. Lots of songs I ended up teaching my own scouts. The 'kissing rock/Blarney stone' we could pass before crossing over to the lake if we walked 1 way. Sleeping out under the stars, grabbing for tent flaps in a rush when the rain poured, floating breakfasts, shampooing once a week in the lake, paddling canoes and not tipping them, finally making it to the advance swimming area and not being in a 'crib' anymore, no flush toilets but a community latrine. More will come as I push my brain. I probably was there every summer from1957-1964 for at least 1 month each year.
More memories: hikes to the iron mines, the bottomless pit and Flat Rock. Was there also a Bald Rock? Remember the wonderful cold water that came from the old pump by the Canteen?

Remembering the buses out of the Port Authority in NYC which was out method of transportation to and from camp each year. Rides there were a little scary at first, not knowing anyone. The rides home each year were a mixed bag......we wanted to go home, BUT didn't want to leave our friends we made (Make New Friends But Keep the Old). Bus rides home were filled with both laughter and tears while singing the songs we learned. I know there’s more.

Is anyone in this group a former Senior scout from Queens? In particular, Skipper Tracy was the leader of a Mariner troop from Flushing/Bayside, NY.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Camp Staff Manual, 1951

Glo Arrigo recently sent me a package which included a great surprise- the Camp Quidnunc Staff Manual from 1951. She said she had not looked at it since then and it had been on a shelf for the past 58 years! It included a map of the camp, instructions on how to do Camp Kapers, how to plan program, and many other tidbits. I will scan some of the pages and post them here. She also said that her memories of Camp Quidnunc "are in my heart, and comfort me." She said she saw Ellie this summer and that it was hard to leave her.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Western (Quidnunc (Re)) Union

We've gotten about 20 people who said they are coming so far. You can probably change your mind up until a few months before, you just won't be guaranteed a room in the same lodge as us but there are plenty of rooms at this facility. I say 'up until a few months before' because it is during a very popular summer vacation week, so can't guarantee anything.
Hi Quidnuncers,

We have a temporary reservation for 10 lodge rooms at the YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park camp,, from Saturday, July 9 - Friday, July 15, 2011. It is located approximately 1 hour from Boulder, CO and 1 hour and 50 minutes from Denver International Airport. It is 10 minutes from Estes Park, where there are numerous restaurants and lots of hiking. The rooms are all located together in one hall.

Rooms and Facilities:
1. Each room has 2 sets of bunk beds and 1 queen bed, with 3/4 private bath. They sleep a maximum of 6 people/room.
2. Under our group name, individuals can register for a room online and can arrange roommates ahead of time.
3. The following prices are per person, per day, depending on how many are in a room and include 3 meals per day for each person (meals are in a large common dining room, buffet style, all you-can-eat):

6 people - $47.50
5 people - $50.75
4 people - $55.75
3 people - $64
2 people -$80.50
1 person-$130

4. We have until October 9th to give them a deposit. The deposit will be $25/room. If we drop any rooms we will lose the $25.
5. We will be given a meeting room (Troop House) for our group's use during the entire stay.
6. We can reserve one of 3 campfire circles to use for our campfire
7. With 24 hour notice, we can have them pack a lunch for no extra charge (to take on a hike)

The following activities are also available and are free unless indicated:
1. Miniature golf
2. Can hike right into Rocky Mountain National Park from the Y camp
3. Basketball, volleyball
4. Indoor swimming pool
5. Arts and crafts center (need to pay for supplies)
6. Horseback riding (fee)
7. Tennis
8. Game room (ping pong, pool table, etc.)
9. Horseshoes

Although this is a YMCA Camp, all activities are non-denominational. Details of these activities can be found at Every day the Y has numerous planned activities that we can also take part in, including concerts and movies.

There is a shuttle, from the airport to Estes Park. The cost is $45 each way or $85 round trip. may actually save some money, by splitting a car rental, at the airport, with a number of people. That way you could also use the car to explore the town of Estes Park, etc.

We are including a questionnaire at the bottom of this message. Please return it, via e-mail, to Please send your deposit to: Monica Tremblay, 580 Lakeshore Drive, Boulder CO, 80302. Monica (Nicki Hecht) will need the deposit by October 5, 2009, the latest. You can come up with the money in 2 ways. #1) If you know who you want to room with, you can get together with your roomates and have one person send the $25 deposit to Monica (Nicki). #2) If you don't have enough people to fill a room to your liking, or you don't know/care who you will be rooming with, you can send Monica $25, and she will reimburse you an amount, dependent upon how many people will be in your room.

Both Nicki and I have been to this camp. It is in a gorgeous location, with the Rocky Mountains right outside your door. We think it would be well worth your while to send Nicki your deposit, even if you are not sure you can make it. The most you could lose is $25. 2011 seems very remote, but this is the only way we could be assured of availability for enough rooms in one location. So, please talk to your camp friends, husbands, families, etc., within the next couple of weeks, fill out the form below, and e-mail it back to Linda at the above address. If by some chance, you were unable to read this before 9/28/09, please let us know ASAP, and we'll do our best to fit you in.

Thanks for your prompt response...

Your Quidnunc Reservations Team :-),
Linda (Mouse) Hecht Sylvester, Monica (Nicki) Hecht Tremblay, Cindy Gavrity

Name of party attending_________________________________________________________
Number of people in party________________________________________________________
Number of days I will need room___________________________________________________
Number of people I am willing to share a room with____________________________________
People I would like to room with, if known (include friends, family, etc.)__________________________________________
I am able to sleep in a top bunk (indicate yes or no)_________
I am willing to share a queen bed (indicate yes or no)________ Applies only to people sharing a room with 5 others.
I have sent my/our deposit to Monica (Nicki) (indicate yes or no)______________

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In Memoriam: Dot Marquette Lyon

Dot was everything a counselor should be. She was small, but tough and strong. She could make anything; she could fix anything, and she could out-work, out-hike, and out-paddle anyone on our three lakes. She wasn't soft or sentimental, but she knew her girls, and she cared. It was she who intervened when Miss Ford wanted to send me home (I had cut Arts and Crafts and had convinced Jerri to cut with me), but she gave me a talking-to that cut to the bone, left me in tears, but also with hope.
She was my head counselor in Sherwood Forest in 1939 and again in Neppie's Nook in 1942. She came back in 1944 (with her year-old son) to head the Prentie unit, but alas for me, I was still in Caravan. What I remember best were evenings in Sherwood. After supper, we 10-year-olds gathered in front of Dot's tent, and she read to us--all the Milne books and, a chapter a night, Bambi.
Olav Ha Shalom, Dot.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hard Jobs and Easy Jobs

Remember Camp Capers and Kitchen Capers? Those were the euphemisms adopted in the early '40's for what we all called Hard Jobs and Easy Jobs. The hard Job I most remember was scrubbing the wooden latrine seats with a hard brush dipped in a mixture of CN and water. This job was memorialized in the only stanza I remember hearing the Prenti Unit sing in 1943 (to the tune of "I Have Spurs that Jingle, Jangle, Jingle"):
We have work, and little kids to do it
As we scrub all the la seats in the camp,
And we sing, 'Oh, ain't we glad we're Prenties,'
And that song ain't so very far from wrong!
Oh, CN dear, oh, CN dear,
We dilute you and salute you as we never did before...
Remember? Who could forget?

Monday, August 03, 2009

Tin Mirror on the Tentpole

Another story from the old days: our camp nurse, Gil (Betty Gilbert) was young and pretty. All the little kids loved her. Some even pretended to be sick so they could be near her. She would stand, smiling, in front of her tent, and there was a little tin mirror tacked onto the tentpole. 1942--Gil was gone. She had joined the Army Nurse Corps. We had a new nurse, Zicci (Mary Ziccarelli). She was nice, and we liked her, but we missed Gil. 1943/4(?)-I am at the Saturday matinee at our local theater. The Movietone News comes on with pictures of the war in Europe. Guns...soldiers...and suddenly, Gil, standing in front of her tent, smiling...and there was a little tin mirror tacked onto the tentpole. Lennie

Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Gonna Sit at the Counselors' Table: Lennie Friedman

Another story from the long-dead past, the true tale of the origin of " I'm Gonna Sit At the Counsellors' Table." It was 1941 or 1942. I am inclined to think it was 1942. Jerri (Wachman) and I were seated in adjacent booths in the lower la. We were talking about the songs we had just sung (we sang songs infront of the mess hall before each meal, Tuck (Kate Kirby) leading). We had just sung, "I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table," and we thought we could write one about the special life of a counsellor, to wit: the counsellors' table, red Hudson Bay blankets, iced tea and coffee... I forget the rest.
We heard a noise behind us, on the other side of the la. "Oh oh," we thought. "We're in trouble again!" I was frequently in trouble, dragging poor Jerri along. We said nothing to anyone.
That night at supper, someone (who?) introduced a new song, "Im Gonna Sit at the Counsellors' Table," which was rapturously received and was sung for many years. But we wrote it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lenny Kaufmann Friedman's First Story (for us)

The people I remember most were my Caravan tentmates: Pat (Spargo) Bryan, Anne (Johnson ) Cook, Ann Pfohl, and Barbara Grever, and, of course, Jerri Wachman. Here's a funny Quidnunc story. It's 1938. I am 9 years old in the Brownie Unit. One of the kitchen staff is named Helen Pick. We called her Pixie. Fast Forward. It is 1945. I am 16 and I have a part-time job in Macy's on 34 Street. Across the street in an arcade is a store called "Pick's." I go in, and there she is..Pixie. Fast forward. It is 1973. I have just been appointed to Flushing High School as Chairman of English. At the pre-school faculty meeting I am introduced to the staff, including a librarian about to retire--Helen Pick. "Pixie!" I shout, and I am 9 yearsold again.

No one would be interested in this story, but it's true. and I thought to share it with you.

Lee (Lenny) "Ajax" Price Ellis

Hi: I'm Lee Ellis, Quidnunc alum, camper and staff 1948-58.
Visited Q during my 5oth NYC HS reunion in 2004. I had heard that there had been some vandalism, but had no idea that the camp had been closed all these years. I was expecting the hustle and bustle of getting tents put up, etc. What a SHOCK! to find it not deserted, but completely removed!
Would definitely be interested in future reunions, tho I now live in CA. In 2004. I also visited ST. John's in the Wilderness. It was an unbearably HOT day - can't remember if I visited Claude's grave too. Will check my photos.
Incidentally, all of us are alumnAE of Quidnunc. I almost flunked Latin but I did learn that:
masculine singular plural
alumnus alumni
feminine alumna alumnae
plural of both males and females together: alumni
Miss Walsh would be so proud!
I'm absolutely amazed at the number of women who have the same deep feelings for Quidnunc as I. The blogspot is addictive!!
Hope to meet you at a future alumnae reunion ;)
Lee Ellis
camp name: Ajax

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lennie Kaufmann Friedmann

Hi, Kathy! I'm Lennie (Kaufmann) Friedman. I'm new at this computer stuff, and it has taken me literally months to figure out how to do this. I was at Quidnunc from 1938 to 1945, and my sister, Barbara (Bobby) was there until 1950. We both stayed all summer all those years, and we both have long and pretty accurate memories. If this reaches you, please contact me and ask me anything you want. My e-mail address is
Both of us have stories and remembrances of people up the Wazoo. You mentioned Bridgie. Of course, I remember her. Her name was Margaret Lynch; her sister, Ethel was the camp director of Brady, and they lived together in an apartment in Jackson Heights. Once, I was in their apartment, though I can't remember why. Bridgie and Tommy (Annie Sue Waldrop) became the joint directors of Quidnunc after the death of Miss Ford (That's Constance Evangeline Ford, nicknamed Gay). Miss Ford's last year was 1942, the year I was in Neppie's. I got in trouble for cutting arts and crafts and Miss Ford sat me down on the back porch of the Cabin and told me that she was seriously considering sending me home. She didn't. I think my head counsellor, Dot Lyon, intervened. Bridgie became sole director in 1943 when Tommy joined the WAVES. Tommy left Shanty Wu (Shanty Wu was an Irish Terrier) behind her and Randy (Marjorie Holm) the head counselor of Caravan took him on. 1943 was my first year in Caravan.
There are three other prople on the "do you remember list" that I knew very well. Joan (Jerri) Wachman was a camper with me for several years. She lived in Kew Gardens, and I haven't seen or heard from her sice she left Quidnunc in"45 I think. I would dearly love to know where she is. Nancy Dunham was a prentie in 1943; her sister Jean was a counsellor that year. They lived in Jackson Heights, and she went to Newtown High School, as I did. Maggie was Maggie Magenheimer, the youngest counsellor of the three in Caravan in 1943. The three were Randy (Marjorie Holm), Stevie (Lorraine Stevenson), and Maggie. And Shanty Wu.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Glo's Midnight Swim

Glo recently sent me a letter detailing a midnight swim escapade involving Flip...

"Many hot nights when the 3 of us...Cathy, Ellie, and myself...looked for mischief. The idea was to go down to the lake for a "swim" in the Brownies crib. ( I didn't know how to swim, so my buddies were kind enough to stay with me.) One night we caught sight of a lantern moving toward us-until we saw the legs in the light we didn't know it was Bridgie. Wow, did we move fast and of course she read us the riot act. That part of our evening entertainment ceased for the rest of the season. When I returned to Cleveland I received a letter from Bridgie telling me I was fired unless I shaped up. Needless to say I apologized profusely and was able to stay on. Later we found out that Flip-Jean Allen- waterfront director had squealed on us."

Linda sends new pictures

Monday, July 20, 2009

Girls in Front of the Infirmary

Thanks to Wilma Franco for this picture!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Quidders from the 40's and 50's

Mary Margaret (Mollie) French (lived in Douglaston, went to Bayside HS, attended Allegheny college but don't think she graduated)
Barbara (Doc) Pesch (lived in Queens, went to Andrew Jackson HS;
Gertrude (Gigi) Gallogly
Ruth (Scottie) McPherson
Carolyn (Dobie) Dobak
Linda Ceriani
Vida Kahn
Iselyne V. (Ivy) Maughn (counselor)
Janet (Jinx) Lipschultz (counselor) was attending Brooklyn College in 1956
Enid (Edie) Pardini
Virginia (Ginny) Colbert (waterfront counselor, from down south)
Jean (Chet) Shelley (nurse)
Finnie Everhart (waterfront counselor, from down south)
Betsy Lapidus
Ann (Andy) Diamond (went to John Adams HS)

Iris Epstein
Ruth Botwinik
Carol Fassbender
Dorothy (Red) Lee
Judy (Browni) Brown
Linda (Chick) Lehr
Willie BonDurant (C.I.T.)
Cynthia (Cynnie) Hibberd (counselor)
Mickey Kabel (administrative staff)
Lennie Richardson (admin staff)
Kitsy Curtis (waterfront)
Peggy Carney (waterfront)
Gail Johannsen (waterfront)
Hazel (Phyl) Coblenz
Joan Conlon
Michele Shapiro
Linda Ewing
Joan Heller
Judy Berek
Vivian Conan (Cookie)
Ellie Alf
Cathy Lennon (deceased 1990)
Glo Arrigo
Joan (JC) Connelly
Lennie Kaufman Friedman
Ruth Healy
Linda Ardrey
Doris Biggio Manganero
Dot Deaver Long
Hilda Witte
Jeanne Allen (flip)
Lenore Price
Paula Strong
Ivy Maughan Hennessey
Louise Black
Barbara (Bobbi) Klazkin
 Anyone know any of these alumni??
Wilma Franco White
Nancy B Dunham
Doris Ann Heinze
Jean Patmore
Anne Dicke
Ethel Axelson
Constance Evangeline "Gay" Ford
Margaret V Lynch (deceased in 1982 or 83)
Annie Sue "Tommy" Waldrop (former director)
Marjorie Stamler Snyder
Lennie Kaufman Friedman
Joan Smith Gaetano
Hope Smith Apollony
Judy Brandes
Madelyn Bulmer
Joan Wachman
Dot Lyon (deceased)

Ellie's Art

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dianne Kesner Baldwin


I am one of the Kesner girls, Dianne. I was at Quid in the early 1960s before the new Dining Hall was built and then afterwards. I was in Hundred Acre Wood and Pioneers for 4 weeks. I was also in Sports and Games. I don't remember that much but I do remember Peri and KB. I still remember the songs we sang and sing them on long car trips out loud to my 2 dogs. I also spent time at Merrywood GSC, later Henry Kaufman GSC, due to generous donations from the Kaufman Foundation.  I recently met a GS leader who is a Hospice CNA at the Nursing home where I work who goes to Kaufman even now with her troop.

How do I join the Blogging?

Dianne Kesner Baldwin

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Willie" Franco looks for Quid friends 1939-1946

“Willie” Franco, now Wilma Franco White wrote the following to me about her years at Quidnunc.

Did you know that Quid was the GS Camp for the girls in QueensNY?  
I guess they opened it up to others at some point in time.   

Here are some of the girls I went to camp with:  

Nancy B Dunham, Doris Ann Heinze (Terry), Jean Patmore, and Anne Dickie all from QueensNY

Another friend that I was a counselor with was Ethel Axelson.

I went to camp from 1939 to 1946.  I was in Sky Blue the first two years.

After that I think it was Caravan. The next year I was in the Apprentice training and then a Counselor.  

Does anyone remember Gay Ford?  She was the director in 1939 and 1940

I also remember Margaret V. Lynch ("Bridgie") and Annie Sue Waldrop. Does anyone remember her nickname?  They were the Co-Directors in 1941. 

I have lots of pictures to go through as I just found my scrapbook from Camp.  My daughter, (Carol “Daisy” White) will post them when she comes to visit.

Wilma Franco White (“Willie”)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Linda Nahum

I went to Quidnunc and Laughing Water. I was a Pot GIrl, Requisition CLerk, and Business Office Assistant. My sister Elizabeth (Beth) Nahum also was a camper at Quidnunc and Laughing Water.  I went in the 1960s I think the last year was 69.
I remember Splint, Cass, Beth Cruse (I think we bunked together and worked in Business Office) also Elyse Springer, Carol (Daisy) White - we were in the same troop and school, 

Hope all is well with you - I am sorry I missed the reunion. Hope to make the next one.
Take care and keep in touch - Linda
5240 39 Drive
Suite 8R
Woodside, NY 11377
718 /606-9918  
Cell: 917/599-6899  Email:  

Rose Remembers

I saw the songs blogspot, and the girl scout alumni web site. 

I did see my picture, middle of lower row of "canoeing on the Susquehana" in Ellen Muth and Elyse Springer's photo. Ellen is correct, though: I know I never made the cut for the Delaware trip, but instead went twice to Candlewood Lake in CT. In that photo, the beauty on lower right is Kathy Barbatsuly, who was in my girl scout troop. I lost track of her many years ago, unfortunately. 

I know I shared a tent my last year (1965, Neppies) with Doggie and Patty McBride; I didn't write names on photos and unfortunately don't remember any others. My photos are few, small, and fuzzy. 

Thanks for tracking me down!

Rose Weitz

Monday, March 30, 2009

Elyse's Reminiscences

 I was really, really quiet in those days. I think my tentmates were Carol White, Rosemalie Uht, and Toby Lipschitz. The reason I remember their names so well is that way back then, I actually wrote everybody's name on the back of my photos. I wish I had been as careful about doing that when it came to the rest of my life. I certainly remember Peri and the other Minnesota twin, KB (although KB was not our counselor) and Ellen Muth because they were just so dynamic and fun. I also remember Boni (isn't her real name Bona?) who came from Texas. I can't remember Karen at all though. One of my picture shows Peri, Ellen & Mo McConnell. Weren't they the Neppie's Counselor? My memory is playing tricks on me; I remember some things so well and others not at all. 

I know Joey Tyson and Sandy Dunbar were in Neppies because I have them in my pictures and recognize their faces in them, but not because I have real memories of them at this point. I do remember the Kesner girls, Debbie, Diane (Debbie's twin who I don't think was in Neppies that year) and Libby, who I did a lot of canoeing with. I also remember Doggie Grossman and her sister Babs; Doggie always seemed like everyone's older sister somehow.  I don't remember Laurie Schultz or Grace or her cat.

I have some additional names for you, thanks to the backs of my pictures. Do you remember Lois Sotinsky, Pat McBride, Rose Weitz, Gwynn Danielson or Kathy Barbarsuli? Or someone named Shelley? Or Pam Crabtree? She & I suffered as kitchen aides in 1968. Do remember bear scares?

By the way, the Swedish counselor's name was Lena Nillson, not Oleson. I just found it spelled on the back of a photo.

It's good to know there are other women out there who were as affected by their time at Camp Quidnunc as I was. Forget Disneyland, Camp Quidnunc was the happiest place on earth.



Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Potgirls: "Daisy" and Elyse

My name is Elyse (Springer) Ellinger and I attended Quidnunc from 1965 through 1968. My first year I was in Sports & Games. Counselors  I remember were Jackie O'Brien, Ruth Klein, Swede, Terp and someone from Georgia with a gorgeous southern accent, and "Cokie", although I'm confused about who was counselor when. There must have been a Danish counselor too because I remember a Danish song that she taught us (sounds like - Den serman han ma leeter, lan meer unt es comp, comp, comp...komfederah hurrah un meer unt es comp), plus having a Danish penpal the next year)   I remember  lots of softball and hiking with those old woven basket backpacks that were filled with food. I remember sleeping in a bedroll and cooking green blueberry pancakes using the lid from a trash can as the griddle (that's why they turned green  - and we survived!).

I also remember the night a bat flew into our tent and we had to wait in some kind of cabin (what was that room?) while the poor counselors bravely tried to get the thing out of there. I most vividly remember my time in Neppies with Peri, Ellen Muth & Maureen "Mo" McConnell; KB and Lena Olson were around too. That was also because my best friend Carol White was there (we met at camp by the way). Carol & I just found each other online after all these years and are having a blast remembering all the great stuff we did at Quid. I loved the canoe trips, especially going down the Susquehanna, shooting the rapids and sleeping on the banks of the river (although the spam is NOT a fond memory). I was never so tan or my arms so strong as after that trip. There was also one doomed portage trip one year; they made us take those dreaded salt tablets (remember those?) and we trekked for miles down the road in the blazing sun with aluminum canoes over our heads. Almost every kid in the unit got sun sickness and we spent a day or so recovering back at camp.

I loved the singing in the dining hall and to this day shake a pot to make sure it's really, really dry. And then there were those great campfires, with more singing. Those camp songs really stuck.

I also remember being a kitchen aide in 1968 although I would most certainly have liked to have that experience wiped from my brain. I will never forget the MacNab family and how they gave us all derogatory, sarcastic nicknames (mine was Speedy) or how they would smilingly chat with one of the black campers and call her "Oatmeal". I'm sure Pam Crabtree would agree that that summer was a horror. The only blemish on my happy, happy memories of Quid.

Camp Quidnunc was what I waited for all year long. It was the reason I remained a girl scout through high school. We did so many fun activities and I made so many great friends.
I had no idea the camp closed down because I've lived in California since 1972, so I'm really sorry that more girls didn't get to experience what was one of the highlights of my life.
I haven't thought about all this in years, so now it's really flooding on back. I'm so glad I found this website. Thanks for making me remember.

Elyse 64-68

OMG!  I just came across your site and I am so excited!  I was in Camp Quidnunc from 1963 to 1967 (12yrs old to 16yrs old).

Ellen Muth was one of my counselors!  Also Boni Evans!  Oh the memories are just rushing back.  My first year I was in Gypsy Skies which was next to Sports & Games just beyond the Dining Hall.

The other years I was in the Waterfront Unit, which was Neppies and then Caravan I think.  My last year I was a pot girl. 
I am a photographer and have dozens of old photos, but am getting a new scanner soon, so it will be a while till I can contribute. 
Do you have a list of emails?  I would love to contact Ellen or Grace Aldag or ?

Please write back, I love your website!!!  My mother also went to Quid in the 1940's and even she's excited!  We were originally from the Bronx, but I am in Minnesota now and she is in Ohio.

Thanks for the blast from the past!!!

Carol "Daisy" White (the Daisy is from when I was a pot girl)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who are You?

Hi everyone...I have been glad to see new names on the blog as people find it and post their comments and memories. The problem is we don't know who you we can send on info about reunions or try to connect old friends. It would be helpful if you could email me directly and give me your real name and address, so we can update our "Quid Alumni "list. This is only if you feel comfortable sharing this. My email is :klena, and the people I am interested in hearing more from are: Carol White, elyseglenna, Lennie Kauffamn Friedman, "footprint" among others...Someone may be looking for you!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Become a "Follower"

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beth Cruse

Hi, I'm Beth Cruse. I was Program Coordinator my first year at Quidnunc and Assistant Director the next. I was a Troop leader in New York City for my daughter's (Vicki Cruse Sengele) Brownie troop and I brought her to camp with me those first two years. They were the best two years of my life. We grew up singing the Quidnunc campfire songs, playing them on our guitars, and Vicki has taught them to her daughter. 

Thank you for the memories. I still love singing the songs and still love the harmony parts. What a joy it would be to see the Camp Quidnunc again and to sit around the campfire. I can't wait to conect with the Alumni.

Does anyone remember how Kanawaukee lake got its name? An old Indian had walked across the country and when he got to the shore of the lake, he sat on a stone and declaired, " I kanawaukee no more!"

"Do you remember one summer during the break two counselors went to Yellowstone to camp. During the night (zipped in sleeping bags) they were attacked by a bear. He killed one (she was from a nearby camp) and the Quidnunc counselor returned to camp ith a broken arm? She was avery pretty curly headed blonde. Short. I will be able to pick them out of the picture when I find it or we get the other enlarged. I can evrn remember the sound of her voice, but not her name."

"Mother Nay Nay was our nature counselor (a bit heavy with long curly brown hair) I think her name was Jeanette.One night the campers filled the bottom of her sleeping bag with spagitti left over from dinner. Every one turned in early that night and Mother Nay Nay was the last to go. I was already assleep and did not know what had been planned. We were all concerned about snakes in our sleeping bags. When her feet hit the bottom of the bag, all hell broke loose The next day there was spagitti for 10 feet out from the door of her tent platform. Sue and Sue were the water front counselors. Ronny ( Short heavy red- blonde hair) was the Director. We had a pretty ,tall, young Rustic camping counselor whose name I can't remember. "

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vickie Cruse Sengele

Hi! I went to Quidnunc and my mom was a staff member in the 60's. I saw her in one of the staff pics and just emailed it to her. Thank you sooooo much for pulling this together. I'll start looking for pics to scan and share. have talked of going back to Quidnunc for years. We hold so many precious memories of people, activities and songs. It would be a dream come true!

One of my favorite memories was when a young visitor was in the double decker and asked "Is that a pet?" There was a huge snake hanging from the rafters! ANd no, it wasn't a pet! aaauuugh! Such a state of panic!

I have such great memories to share! I'm sure that some of you could clarify them or add your own. Let's post memories one at a time here. That way others can add to them (or correct them if they are fuzzy!)

My absolute most dramatic memory from Camp Quidnunc was when one by one people began to get up during dinner and run to the dining hall rail to throw up. They were vomiting pink koolaid and chicken chunks! I think the whole camp got sick that night. If you weren't actually feeling sick yet, the mere sound of others retching was enough to get you started. I still dream about it every once in awhile!

Marjorie Stamler Snyder, 1942

Camp Quidnunc in 1942!
by Marjorie Stamler Snyder

I'll always remember the 4 weeks that I spent at Camp Quidnunc in 1942. The campfires, the tents late at night (watching the mice run along the posts), the campfires, the sound of rain on the tent, also the open air dining room, are all treasured memories. One of the counselors played the recorder, and it inspired me to learn to play the instrument. It was probably the best summer of my life, and I'm nearly 78 years old.

Judy Ecuyer Rhodes

Quidnunc 1947-52 and 1957?
by Judy (Ecuyer) Rhoades

I went to Quidnunc from Brownie through maybe 8th grade which would have been about 1947-1952 and then returned as a counselor for a year as a college student. I have papers somewhere with the words to most of the songs and many many pictures someplace. Lots and lots of memories (although not too good on names and dates.) I was even a member of a special unit that Ellie had (as a counselor not director) that consisted of all girls who had been to Quidnunc before and we stayed for a full month and got permission to do all sorts of "special" things. And there were some cute kids who came to visit me at home after I was their counselor.

Linda Peck surfaces

I recently found your blog with all the pictures people have sent in and I can't thank you enough for posting all the comments and pictures.  I went to Quid the summers of 1956, 57 and 58 and the experiences changed my life (also worked as a pot girl at Merrywood in 59 and counselor at Brady in 60 and 61).  I still remember most of the songs we sang (still sing them and use them to concoct my various computer passwords), all my counselors' names and the names of a lot of the other girls.  I'm sorry that I did not discover the blog until after last summer's reunion.  I'm definitely interested in attending whatever is happening this coming summer.  I'm not very computer savvy so could not figure out how to publish on the blog the fact that I'm interested in being involved.  Could you put me on the list, or whatever is needed so that I am included in the get-togethers?  I live in Virginia now.  My snail mail address is 1603 Mulberry Ave, Charlottesville, VA, phone 434-979-9348, email  I have pictures too but I'd have to get a lesson on how to scan them into the computer and make them available.

Friday, February 06, 2009

New Pictures from Deni

Denise Maynard sent these photos in. They recently surfaced as she cleaned out her father's house. Click on the picture to the right to get to the whole album on Picasa.Denise Maynard's Pictures