Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In Memoriam: Dot Marquette Lyon

Dot was everything a counselor should be. She was small, but tough and strong. She could make anything; she could fix anything, and she could out-work, out-hike, and out-paddle anyone on our three lakes. She wasn't soft or sentimental, but she knew her girls, and she cared. It was she who intervened when Miss Ford wanted to send me home (I had cut Arts and Crafts and had convinced Jerri to cut with me), but she gave me a talking-to that cut to the bone, left me in tears, but also with hope.
She was my head counselor in Sherwood Forest in 1939 and again in Neppie's Nook in 1942. She came back in 1944 (with her year-old son) to head the Prentie unit, but alas for me, I was still in Caravan. What I remember best were evenings in Sherwood. After supper, we 10-year-olds gathered in front of Dot's tent, and she read to us--all the Milne books and, a chapter a night, Bambi.
Olav Ha Shalom, Dot.

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