Sunday, September 27, 2009

Western (Quidnunc (Re)) Union

We've gotten about 20 people who said they are coming so far. You can probably change your mind up until a few months before, you just won't be guaranteed a room in the same lodge as us but there are plenty of rooms at this facility. I say 'up until a few months before' because it is during a very popular summer vacation week, so can't guarantee anything.
Hi Quidnuncers,

We have a temporary reservation for 10 lodge rooms at the YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park camp,, from Saturday, July 9 - Friday, July 15, 2011. It is located approximately 1 hour from Boulder, CO and 1 hour and 50 minutes from Denver International Airport. It is 10 minutes from Estes Park, where there are numerous restaurants and lots of hiking. The rooms are all located together in one hall.

Rooms and Facilities:
1. Each room has 2 sets of bunk beds and 1 queen bed, with 3/4 private bath. They sleep a maximum of 6 people/room.
2. Under our group name, individuals can register for a room online and can arrange roommates ahead of time.
3. The following prices are per person, per day, depending on how many are in a room and include 3 meals per day for each person (meals are in a large common dining room, buffet style, all you-can-eat):

6 people - $47.50
5 people - $50.75
4 people - $55.75
3 people - $64
2 people -$80.50
1 person-$130

4. We have until October 9th to give them a deposit. The deposit will be $25/room. If we drop any rooms we will lose the $25.
5. We will be given a meeting room (Troop House) for our group's use during the entire stay.
6. We can reserve one of 3 campfire circles to use for our campfire
7. With 24 hour notice, we can have them pack a lunch for no extra charge (to take on a hike)

The following activities are also available and are free unless indicated:
1. Miniature golf
2. Can hike right into Rocky Mountain National Park from the Y camp
3. Basketball, volleyball
4. Indoor swimming pool
5. Arts and crafts center (need to pay for supplies)
6. Horseback riding (fee)
7. Tennis
8. Game room (ping pong, pool table, etc.)
9. Horseshoes

Although this is a YMCA Camp, all activities are non-denominational. Details of these activities can be found at Every day the Y has numerous planned activities that we can also take part in, including concerts and movies.

There is a shuttle, from the airport to Estes Park. The cost is $45 each way or $85 round trip. may actually save some money, by splitting a car rental, at the airport, with a number of people. That way you could also use the car to explore the town of Estes Park, etc.

We are including a questionnaire at the bottom of this message. Please return it, via e-mail, to Please send your deposit to: Monica Tremblay, 580 Lakeshore Drive, Boulder CO, 80302. Monica (Nicki Hecht) will need the deposit by October 5, 2009, the latest. You can come up with the money in 2 ways. #1) If you know who you want to room with, you can get together with your roomates and have one person send the $25 deposit to Monica (Nicki). #2) If you don't have enough people to fill a room to your liking, or you don't know/care who you will be rooming with, you can send Monica $25, and she will reimburse you an amount, dependent upon how many people will be in your room.

Both Nicki and I have been to this camp. It is in a gorgeous location, with the Rocky Mountains right outside your door. We think it would be well worth your while to send Nicki your deposit, even if you are not sure you can make it. The most you could lose is $25. 2011 seems very remote, but this is the only way we could be assured of availability for enough rooms in one location. So, please talk to your camp friends, husbands, families, etc., within the next couple of weeks, fill out the form below, and e-mail it back to Linda at the above address. If by some chance, you were unable to read this before 9/28/09, please let us know ASAP, and we'll do our best to fit you in.

Thanks for your prompt response...

Your Quidnunc Reservations Team :-),
Linda (Mouse) Hecht Sylvester, Monica (Nicki) Hecht Tremblay, Cindy Gavrity

Name of party attending_________________________________________________________
Number of people in party________________________________________________________
Number of days I will need room___________________________________________________
Number of people I am willing to share a room with____________________________________
People I would like to room with, if known (include friends, family, etc.)__________________________________________
I am able to sleep in a top bunk (indicate yes or no)_________
I am willing to share a queen bed (indicate yes or no)________ Applies only to people sharing a room with 5 others.
I have sent my/our deposit to Monica (Nicki) (indicate yes or no)______________

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