Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Quidders from the 40's and 50's

Mary Margaret (Mollie) French (lived in Douglaston, went to Bayside HS, attended Allegheny college but don't think she graduated)
Barbara (Doc) Pesch (lived in Queens, went to Andrew Jackson HS;
Gertrude (Gigi) Gallogly
Ruth (Scottie) McPherson
Carolyn (Dobie) Dobak
Linda Ceriani
Vida Kahn
Iselyne V. (Ivy) Maughn (counselor)
Janet (Jinx) Lipschultz (counselor) was attending Brooklyn College in 1956
Enid (Edie) Pardini
Virginia (Ginny) Colbert (waterfront counselor, from down south)
Jean (Chet) Shelley (nurse)
Finnie Everhart (waterfront counselor, from down south)
Betsy Lapidus
Ann (Andy) Diamond (went to John Adams HS)

Iris Epstein
Ruth Botwinik
Carol Fassbender
Dorothy (Red) Lee
Judy (Browni) Brown
Linda (Chick) Lehr
Willie BonDurant (C.I.T.)
Cynthia (Cynnie) Hibberd (counselor)
Mickey Kabel (administrative staff)
Lennie Richardson (admin staff)
Kitsy Curtis (waterfront)
Peggy Carney (waterfront)
Gail Johannsen (waterfront)
Hazel (Phyl) Coblenz
Joan Conlon
Michele Shapiro
Linda Ewing
Joan Heller
Judy Berek
Vivian Conan (Cookie)
Ellie Alf
Cathy Lennon (deceased 1990)
Glo Arrigo
Joan (JC) Connelly
Lennie Kaufman Friedman
Ruth Healy
Linda Ardrey
Doris Biggio Manganero
Dot Deaver Long
Hilda Witte
Jeanne Allen (flip)
Lenore Price
Paula Strong
Ivy Maughan Hennessey
Louise Black
Barbara (Bobbi) Klazkin
 Anyone know any of these alumni??
Wilma Franco White
Nancy B Dunham
Doris Ann Heinze
Jean Patmore
Anne Dicke
Ethel Axelson
Constance Evangeline "Gay" Ford
Margaret V Lynch (deceased in 1982 or 83)
Annie Sue "Tommy" Waldrop (former director)
Marjorie Stamler Snyder
Lennie Kaufman Friedman
Joan Smith Gaetano
Hope Smith Apollony
Judy Brandes
Madelyn Bulmer
Joan Wachman
Dot Lyon (deceased)

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