Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beth Cruse

Hi, I'm Beth Cruse. I was Program Coordinator my first year at Quidnunc and Assistant Director the next. I was a Troop leader in New York City for my daughter's (Vicki Cruse Sengele) Brownie troop and I brought her to camp with me those first two years. They were the best two years of my life. We grew up singing the Quidnunc campfire songs, playing them on our guitars, and Vicki has taught them to her daughter. 

Thank you for the memories. I still love singing the songs and still love the harmony parts. What a joy it would be to see the Camp Quidnunc again and to sit around the campfire. I can't wait to conect with the Alumni.

Does anyone remember how Kanawaukee lake got its name? An old Indian had walked across the country and when he got to the shore of the lake, he sat on a stone and declaired, " I kanawaukee no more!"

"Do you remember one summer during the break two counselors went to Yellowstone to camp. During the night (zipped in sleeping bags) they were attacked by a bear. He killed one (she was from a nearby camp) and the Quidnunc counselor returned to camp ith a broken arm? She was avery pretty curly headed blonde. Short. I will be able to pick them out of the picture when I find it or we get the other enlarged. I can evrn remember the sound of her voice, but not her name."

"Mother Nay Nay was our nature counselor (a bit heavy with long curly brown hair) I think her name was Jeanette.One night the campers filled the bottom of her sleeping bag with spagitti left over from dinner. Every one turned in early that night and Mother Nay Nay was the last to go. I was already assleep and did not know what had been planned. We were all concerned about snakes in our sleeping bags. When her feet hit the bottom of the bag, all hell broke loose The next day there was spagitti for 10 feet out from the door of her tent platform. Sue and Sue were the water front counselors. Ronny ( Short heavy red- blonde hair) was the Director. We had a pretty ,tall, young Rustic camping counselor whose name I can't remember. "

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vickie Cruse Sengele

Hi! I went to Quidnunc and my mom was a staff member in the 60's. I saw her in one of the staff pics and just emailed it to her. Thank you sooooo much for pulling this together. I'll start looking for pics to scan and share. have talked of going back to Quidnunc for years. We hold so many precious memories of people, activities and songs. It would be a dream come true!

One of my favorite memories was when a young visitor was in the double decker and asked "Is that a pet?" There was a huge snake hanging from the rafters! ANd no, it wasn't a pet! aaauuugh! Such a state of panic!

I have such great memories to share! I'm sure that some of you could clarify them or add your own. Let's post memories one at a time here. That way others can add to them (or correct them if they are fuzzy!)

My absolute most dramatic memory from Camp Quidnunc was when one by one people began to get up during dinner and run to the dining hall rail to throw up. They were vomiting pink koolaid and chicken chunks! I think the whole camp got sick that night. If you weren't actually feeling sick yet, the mere sound of others retching was enough to get you started. I still dream about it every once in awhile!

Marjorie Stamler Snyder, 1942

Camp Quidnunc in 1942!
by Marjorie Stamler Snyder

I'll always remember the 4 weeks that I spent at Camp Quidnunc in 1942. The campfires, the tents late at night (watching the mice run along the posts), the campfires, the sound of rain on the tent, also the open air dining room, are all treasured memories. One of the counselors played the recorder, and it inspired me to learn to play the instrument. It was probably the best summer of my life, and I'm nearly 78 years old.

Judy Ecuyer Rhodes

Quidnunc 1947-52 and 1957?
by Judy (Ecuyer) Rhoades

I went to Quidnunc from Brownie through maybe 8th grade which would have been about 1947-1952 and then returned as a counselor for a year as a college student. I have papers somewhere with the words to most of the songs and many many pictures someplace. Lots and lots of memories (although not too good on names and dates.) I was even a member of a special unit that Ellie had (as a counselor not director) that consisted of all girls who had been to Quidnunc before and we stayed for a full month and got permission to do all sorts of "special" things. And there were some cute kids who came to visit me at home after I was their counselor.

Linda Peck surfaces

I recently found your blog with all the pictures people have sent in and I can't thank you enough for posting all the comments and pictures.  I went to Quid the summers of 1956, 57 and 58 and the experiences changed my life (also worked as a pot girl at Merrywood in 59 and counselor at Brady in 60 and 61).  I still remember most of the songs we sang (still sing them and use them to concoct my various computer passwords), all my counselors' names and the names of a lot of the other girls.  I'm sorry that I did not discover the blog until after last summer's reunion.  I'm definitely interested in attending whatever is happening this coming summer.  I'm not very computer savvy so could not figure out how to publish on the blog the fact that I'm interested in being involved.  Could you put me on the list, or whatever is needed so that I am included in the get-togethers?  I live in Virginia now.  My snail mail address is 1603 Mulberry Ave, Charlottesville, VA, phone 434-979-9348, email  I have pictures too but I'd have to get a lesson on how to scan them into the computer and make them available.

Friday, February 06, 2009

New Pictures from Deni

Denise Maynard sent these photos in. They recently surfaced as she cleaned out her father's house. Click on the picture to the right to get to the whole album on Picasa.Denise Maynard's Pictures