Friday, October 30, 2009

Judy Ecuyer Rhodes: 1949 and 1959

Judy Ecuyer Rhoades loaned me her pictures from Sherwood Forest... some are identified, but others remain nameless. Hope you will look and let me know if you know anyone. Thanks, Judy!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carol Jo's Memories

You're asking a lot from a long time ago. Names of counselors? All I remember was they all seemed to hail from Michigan State U and were athletic. The other side of my memory brings up the songs we learned while sitting on the big rocks across from the dining hall 3 times a day: Baby Owlet. Ashgrove, 500 miles, Donkey Riding, Titanic, Blue, etc. Lots of songs I ended up teaching my own scouts. The 'kissing rock/Blarney stone' we could pass before crossing over to the lake if we walked 1 way. Sleeping out under the stars, grabbing for tent flaps in a rush when the rain poured, floating breakfasts, shampooing once a week in the lake, paddling canoes and not tipping them, finally making it to the advance swimming area and not being in a 'crib' anymore, no flush toilets but a community latrine. More will come as I push my brain. I probably was there every summer from1957-1964 for at least 1 month each year.
More memories: hikes to the iron mines, the bottomless pit and Flat Rock. Was there also a Bald Rock? Remember the wonderful cold water that came from the old pump by the Canteen?

Remembering the buses out of the Port Authority in NYC which was out method of transportation to and from camp each year. Rides there were a little scary at first, not knowing anyone. The rides home each year were a mixed bag......we wanted to go home, BUT didn't want to leave our friends we made (Make New Friends But Keep the Old). Bus rides home were filled with both laughter and tears while singing the songs we learned. I know there’s more.

Is anyone in this group a former Senior scout from Queens? In particular, Skipper Tracy was the leader of a Mariner troop from Flushing/Bayside, NY.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Camp Staff Manual, 1951

Glo Arrigo recently sent me a package which included a great surprise- the Camp Quidnunc Staff Manual from 1951. She said she had not looked at it since then and it had been on a shelf for the past 58 years! It included a map of the camp, instructions on how to do Camp Kapers, how to plan program, and many other tidbits. I will scan some of the pages and post them here. She also said that her memories of Camp Quidnunc "are in my heart, and comfort me." She said she saw Ellie this summer and that it was hard to leave her.