Thursday, July 02, 2009

Flip (Jeanne Allen)

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  1. Glo recently sent me a letter detailing a midnight swim escapade involving Flip...

    "Many hot nights when the 3 of us...Cathy, Ellie, and myself...looked for mischief. The idea was to go down to the lake for a "swim" in the Brownies crib. ( I didn't know how to swim, so my buddies were kind enough to stay with me.) One night we caught sight of a lantern moving toward us-until we saw the legs in the light we didn't know it was Bridgie. Wow, did we move fast and of course she read us the riot act. That part of our evening entertainment ceased for the rest of the season. When I returned to Cleveland I received a letter from Bridgie telling me I was fired unless I shaped up. Needless to say I apologized profusely and was able to stay on. Later we found out that Flip-Jean Allen- waterfront director had squealed on us."